Let’s play with the arts

A workshop series on using arts as life support

How can arts support my self-esteem ?

What if arts could change my perspective ?

How can arts change my way of communicating ?

How can I write my happiness, fold my imagination, dance my sadness, sing my hopes, draw my anger ?


Discover and explore self-empowering techniques for people working in helping / teaching professions.

Are you working in a helping or teaching profession, taking care of others ?

Do you sometimes feel exhaustedhelplessoverwhelmedtired or simply bored ?

How do you take care of yourself ?

Being creative can be a powerful way of helping yourself to recover and relax, to have fun and be surprised.

Discover all this in three workshops that use art-making as a tool for creation, reflection, and transformation. Through easy explorations (including speech, colours, movement, writing, collage), you can gain insight in your own recreation strategies and build new ones.

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18 sep

7-9 pm CET


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How do I take care of myself? How can I explore what self-love means to me? How can I find new ways of self-care / self-love?

25 sep



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How do I stay curious when it becomes too familiar? What are the hidden abilities/aspects of myself? Can I explore them and transform them in an inner power? How can I renew my ressources?


2 oct



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How do I know who I am? What “defines” me? What do other people think about me? How do I want to be seen? How do I want to present myself?

Your faciliators


For me, expressive arts is a wonderful way of understanding the world around me. Through creation, I rediscover my resources and strengths, and it’s thanks to my curiosity that I’m able to put my personal discoveries into practice.

Expressive arts help me in my personal and professional daily life !

Julia Engels-Rochat

For me, expressive arts represent a whole world of creative explorations, hidden suprises, lightness and humor next to deep insights and findings.

Expressive arts help me to build confidence and empathy, create joy and fun, and are a great gift in my life.

Claudia Blacha


The workshop language for our joint communication depends on the group. EnglishFrench and German are the main options. Any other mother tongue can be used during the art processes and might be translated if it’s applicable.

The workshop series is 100 CHF / EUR. We recommend attending the whole serie, but if you can only attend to one or two workshops, it is 40 CHF / EUR per session.

We will use Zoom for our online sessions. We invite you to use basic art material, which you may already have at home.